Bunny and hamster – Bitster buddies

And now for something cheery:

Found this on budak’s blog where he yabbered discoursed on bunnies, in man’s literature to pop-culture, man’s affection to man’s disaffection, and boy does it bring back memories of a different sort from the transformers movie. Growing up, we have kept mice, chickens, rabbits, and hamsters, for a tiny while, guinea pigs.

The rabbits and hamsters, with their characters and antics, were my favourites. We never could afford things like cameras so there’s no pictorial moments of our lot of bunnies. The hamsters came later, and we do have photos – but we don’t have a scanner (shameful, I know!).

Our bunnies were the common ones that you could (at the time) buy at $5 to $10 a head from the wet market aquarium stall, never a lop like Momo, this vid’s star, but we did have a Syrian/Golden Hamster called Peanut who looks just like Momo’s buddy, Pie.

The strange thing is, the things that Momo does, Philly our goofy cat does too… except for munching veggies and pal-ling a hamster.

Anyway, this vid just brings a smile to us, btmao, our mum, and me! Memories are made of this. Sometimes I wish we can turn back time, to a simpler existence. Maybe after the cats are done with us, if we’re still alive, we’d parent some bitsters.


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