’s Cruel Sales

On Amazon.con is stuff that promotes cruelty, among the list – cockfighting magazines. It’s astounding but like bull-fighting or whale-killing, this barbarous stone-age pass-time is still legal in places one would usually associate with procession, not regression.

I had thought Amazon’s cockfighting products a resolved issue as it came to the fore in 2005 – time enough to get it put away, I had thought – but fivecatsmum jolted me from the lull.

The fivecats and their humans are boycotting Amazon… are you still condoning it?

While some argue that Amazon is merely a portal, or a service provider, and that it is not directly responsible for the stuff that its users put online for sale through its resources, it cannot say it is not responsible for how users use its services (terms and conditions anyone?) and is thus culpable regardless.

Here’s the HSUS article that fivecats linked to: sells cruel animal fighting magazines

Highlighted quotes for reference:

Although’s sales of these cockfighting magazines is, no doubt, ethically repugnant, the lawsuit is based on purely legal grounds: the federal Animal Welfare Act expressly and specifically prohibits use of the U.S. mail service for “promoting” or “in any other manner furthering” animal fighting.

In a typical cockfight, sharp blades are fastened to the chickens’ legs to make injuries worse.

Every time—which is apparently the only online venue for these magazines—sells a subscription to The Feathered Warrior or The Gamecock, it blatantly violates federal law.

While Mr. Bezos and may not be offended by the spectacle of birds with razors strapped to their legs ripping each other to shreds, one can only hope they will be concerned enough for their own well-being, from a legal standpoint, to stop their complicity in animal fighting cruelty.

What You Can Do

Ask to stop selling all materials devoted to promoting illegal animal fighting.

Here’s one example of how one ex-Amazon customer told Amazon, friends and family the hows and whys of her termination of her Amazon patronage because of dog-fighting products it sold: Boycott – Cruelty


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