Man’s best friend ‘stressed-out’

In relation to Atom’s fear of loneliness, this BBC article suggests that lonely pets feeling stressed out from an absent owner is a far more common phenomenon than would have been assumed.

Last Updated: Thursday, 25 August 2005, 17:02 GMT 18:02 UK

Man’s best friend ‘stressed-out’

Dogs: Happier out and about than home alone
Cases of stress and depression in cats and dogs left home alone for long periods of time are increasing, research has suggested.

Eight out of 10 vets have seen pets with problems because they have been left while owners work and commute.

That is despite the majority of owners – 70% – saying they wanted their animal for companionship.

More than a quarter of pets are affected, the survey by More Than of 350 vets and 1,700 owners found.

Barking and yowling

Being left alone, a new baby in the family and the loss of a family member were the chief causes of stress and depression.

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So, is your kitty or pooch stressed? And is your pooch one of the many abused by “love”?


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