Strange encounter of the adopter kind

Sammi‘s first and only adoption feature cycle on the CWS adoption board was a short one and as expected (given her looks and likely breeding), we received quite a number of enquiries about her.


Among them was someone I shall codename AM. Now, Sammi is a rescued cat at Foster Mum’s, with no one paying for her boarding, like Ellie, Panda, Cadbury and Santhi. So Foster Mum’s her guardian until she gets a home. However, Foster Mum is not tech savvy, so we use the kitty pics (and vids) we snapped and help her post adoption notices. And if potential adopters come calling, we hook them up with her for follow-up.

AM contacted us through CWS (but typically did not leave his contact number), and had been given Foster Mum’s contact number directly and we were cc’d. Two days later, AM wrote to us to ask for a response to his calls and sms. So I responded to clarify that I’m not Foster Mum, and that being non-tech savvy, it is better to call her and not sms.

Another two days later, AM wrote to CWS to complain that Foster Mum had not responded to him, ” This is very bad to treat someone like this” and “And the mail does not belong to Foster Mum”. The CWS adoption volunteer and I wrote separately to him. In my email,

  • I reiterated that I’m not Foster Mum and the CWS adoption volunteer cc’d me on her reply email to his initial enquiry with Foster Mum’s contact number, because I helped her put up Sammi’s online adoption notice.
  • I also described the situation at the cattery, what with sick cats, healthy cats, cats being boarded, cats for adoption… Some days, she just doesn’t have time to answer the phone all the time. She does usually answers the phone quite promptly – for eg, she held an adoption drive at which we helped out and was answering calls throughout the day.
  • I asked him please try not to read too much into it and get sensitive.
  • I said also that perhaps AM dialled the wrong number. It is highly unusual that he’s not been able to contact her for such a long time. I then typed out Foster Mum’s contact number for his reference.
  • I also reminded him that simply put, the CWS adoption board is just a service provided by CWS to the public, both people looking to adopt and people who need a place to put cats up for adoption.

The CWS adoption volunteer’s reply I shall not put here without permission but she also said much the same in a more diplomatic fashion and offered to get Foster Mum to call him if he would provide his contact number to her.

AM responded in his typical fashion again, all indignation and such, and said ” Since this is just A CAT issue I did not want to go any further.” He also said ‘Just put this matter at rest. God bless all of you” and though he signed off ” thanks & regards”, I wonder at the blessing he intoned.

But anyway, the crux is, Sammi did have a number of enquiries, and Panda, then at the bottom of the adoption board, had a couple too. AM was not the only potential adopter during that period of time, and yet none of the other potentials seemed to have a problem contacting Foster Mum. I met at least 1 whom I put in contact with Foster Mum, when I visited.

Curiouser and curiouser.

At the end of this experience, I can only conclude that perhaps due to a clash in their respective cosmic auras or some such, AM’s calls just couldn’t get to Foster Mum, and Foster Mum didn’t receive missed calls alerts from his attempts to contact her. Maybe there is a mini-conspiracy theory at work, haunting the mobile lines. It gets more sinister, but I don’t want to be marked, so I’ll leave it at that.


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