A look back

It’s been more than a year since tec got online.

We started on 17 Mar 06. Looking at the posts I put up on the first 3 days, from the inaugural on the 17th, to the follow-ups on 18th and 19th, and comparing the tone and type of posts I tend to put in the now shows me one thing – I’ve gotten rather angry, or more to the point, been angrified in my posts online.

It is difficult to be casual or write with a wink when the subject matter commands the engagement of the brain. But it has also leeched away the sense of enjoyment I’ve had in writing and in sharing. I aim to write more in tone with Making Kitty eat his meds, Bunny and hamster – Bitster buddies. Hopefully I succeed, or at least tone down on the intensity and teeth gritting.


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