Alien in disguise

Scene: In the mothership

Rheilly: Kootoo Monster, your beacon signal too weak. Can’t beam you up directly. Am landing and coming to get you on paws. ETA 30 meownutes. Get your kibbles packed. Do you read?


Rheilly: Drrrats!

Scene: On Terra Firma, below the mothership hatch

*blinding flash*

Rheilly: Wha—?!

Rheilly: I’ve been discovered! *appraises two-legged creatures with flashing cyclop eyes* This calls for a disguise… and I know just the thing.

Rheilly: *shakes*

Rheilly: *making doe eyes* Erm… got kibbles?

… to be continued.


2 responses to “Alien in disguise

  1. This is too funny! Great work! Shocking how they are invading us!

  2. Hee… it’s tedious work, but we’re still piecing the evidence for part II. We won’t rest til they’re all exposed!