Bam Bam outraged


While the others only had to endure hunger and thirst, Bam Bam had to suffer the added insult of my stalking and outrage of his privacy. It sounds perverse, but there is a reason for my madness. Being a kidney failure cat, Bams’ blood is drawn every half-yearly. It’s been 1.5 years now and his results have seemed stable and positive. The vet suggests a urine test to corroborate what his blood is saying.

It sounds easy, collecting heavenly kitty liquid. But we’ve tried for a few months without success – he is a wily one.

Today, our egos as superior intelligence has been somewhat soothed. I managed to lift his tail while he’s in that compromised position of urea elimination and too far gone to abort operation AND take a decent sample. I’ve not been able to get both done in the same mission before this. History is made!

I will be strutting into the vet office with a jaunt… as much as a jaunt is possible with a wailing Teddy-in-large-carrier in toll.

6 responses to “Bam Bam outraged

  1. Bam Bam is so cute and chubby – hope he remains healthy.

  2. Poor Bamster! Such “indignity” you subjected him to, Calsifer 🙂 Does the feat warrant an entry in the Guiness Book of Records?

  3. Bakinbit,
    How about poor me, urine-collecting minion?

    Actually, in terms of mass to blubber ratio, Bams is the scrawny one among the slackers. 😛

    Mama Piggy,
    I would like that, thank you.

    Erm… 3 comments for Bamster Monster but none for the Tedster… no one cares about Teddy cat?

  4. Of course we care for Teddy, just feel so ‘helpless’ for him; don’t know what to say. i do wish him well though, and i do want him to get well, and at the same time, i hope you sisters don’t give up, always look up, okay.

  5. Mary,
    Thank you, and we will. 🙂

    Great work with No-Ear Cat, btw. He’s a lucky boy. Kudos!