Weal and woe

It’s a little past 7am now. The slackers are crying and they’ve been crying non-stop since before 6am, doing their routine of following their grammy or anyone going near their dining area. You’d think that a night of food and drink deprivation would subdue the gaggle of furries somewhat, but no. They’re as enthusiastic as ever in their daily morning ritual: food begging. It’s the wildebeest annual migration (more and better details in this pdf) in nanocosm.

And no, the deprivation is not part of demented minionly intentions. Teddy is to blame.


He’s had blood in his urine for a while now, and a few courses of treatments and tests did not help him or show why he’s going for red ammonia. (Full story later)

So today he is due for a “neumasystogram” (spelling per calsifer’s phonic ability only), a procedure that requires the vet to put him under general anesthesia, fill his innards with a marker, and then try for some artsy photos… no, that’s not right, the vet will attempt to x-ray Teds’ internals and the marker is to help provide contrast so the vet can (hopefully) id his problem.

Since GA is needed, Teddy cannot be fed from midnight earlier today and is not allowed water since 6am. And since he’s not only the kitty in the house, and we want to be sure he is deprived, guess who gets to be unfed and unwatered along with him?

Aside from Teds, the slackers will be succoured by their grammy as soon as I leave home with Teds later this morning. Poor Teddy, only dinner is in the menu today.


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