Poppet the Deafblind Kitten

Stumbled on this vid while reading the Cat Rescue/Trap Neuter Release Connection group in care2.com. Poppet reminds me of Karma, though of course Karma’s got a fair bit more of problems. Karma is safe as she can be. Poppet is lucky too.

The accompanying narrative:

Poppet the deafblind kitten

The above link is a short video on Youtube of a kitten we are caring for at Farplace Animal Rescue (www.farplace.co.uk). Poppet is both totally deaf and blind. This doesn’t stop this very active 4 week old from living life to the full. Her mother is a pretty feral tabby with perfect sight and hearing. All her siblings are normal too. Poppet doesn’t know she’s different. She play-fights with the other kittens and runs rings round her mom. We have found her a wonderful home as a house cat (to keep her safe) when she has had all her shots. Enjoy! Jan

It is even more heartwarming to know that she is adopted. As us minions like to say, Genetic defects not necessarily death sentences.


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