Singapore Cat-Current Affairs Appreciation

Alvis is one cool cat with current affairs on his mind! (source: Dawn’s blog)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Originally uploaded by dawnkua.

Here’s a photo from Angela of Alvis watching the National Day Rally. She said that Alvis was rapt and would follow the Prime Minister’s hand movements as he spoke – just another Singaporean taking the PM’s words to heart.

Through covet sources, tec obtained a copy of Alvis’s draft NDR response to the PM. The appended is what I managed to copy out of his paw-writing.

Alvis might be thinking of these poor Refugees in Singapore when he mentioned the Hideous Demonic Banishment hex, and rightly so. Let’s hope his letter meet with a receptive and open attitude from the PM, unlike the ignorance and bias this poor caregiver got from her MP. (My own met an early death, with no response that was worth mentioning from the hex perpetrators. It certainly did not get any replies from the PM or relevant members of his cabinets, nor MP mine, whom I addressed it to.)

Someday, Alvis the Singaporean cat may be walking the grounds, right in the thick of the hustings. I know I’d vote for him and with him!

Dear Mr PM,
I found your NDay rally speech mesmerising. I was totally absorbed in following your every move.

Your focus on bread and butter issues brings me hope that our society may actually be able to move forward as a whole, and no one will be left behind. I especially like how you’re putting in effort to tackle the rich-poor divide.

Speaking of leaving no one behind a silly divide, I would like to suggest you take a look at building a bridge over the life-death chasm for citizens like me, who have paws and no voting rights. You can start with the outdated Hideous Demonic Banishment hex still hovering over the heads of my brethren and me.

I know you believe anything can be resolved, with political will. I believe in you too, Mr PM.

But knowing how busy you are, I and my friends have taken it upon ourselves to help you help us. We’ve got a win-win-for-all-stakeholders proposal, it’s a multi-pronged approach with sterilisation and managed care, as the linchpin.

I would be most happy to arrange a presentation at your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you favourably, Sir.

Thank you for your time, Mr PM.



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