I can haz dreamz of electric mice

If the dominant primate biped of Earth claims not to detect the presence of felis catus in this photo

… it is highly understandable and forgivable.

But this? Would you think this lump of fur in plain sight haz dreamz of electric mice?

When a whole gaggle of the dominant great ape see this and thought it a fake, you’d have to wonder if Nature was in the mood for peckish irony when she decided which way a certain little furry critter should go all those eons ago.

I guess only in Singapore would you haz such hill-billy reactions to life that’s not got clothes, a mobile phone and an ezlink card. The rub is these are the types who waddle in the tide pools, collect jelly-fish and starfishes, throw way their dead carcasses as they leave, and think they’re nature-lovers.

I wonder how poor budak and friends stand it.


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