Our new cat litter haz arrived

The home slacker cat litter experiment continues… the silica gel that’s been in service for the past four months will be decommissioned and give pride of way to Breeder Celect:

A Breeder sized 35 litre / 10Kg bag of a uniquely formulated pelleted cat litter made from 100% recycled paper, with no additives or chemicals and is virtually dust free. It is cleaner and easier to ‘muck-out’ than traditional litters, also effective at less depth than clay litters, is better for animal welfare and great for the environment. Doesn’t break down with use. Reduces tracking – doesn’t mark floors. Highly absorbant. Natural odour control Lightweight – easy to handle.

This weekend will be silica gel’s swansong in slackerdom. The minions have decided to try Celect because of Bams who’s progressed to semi-nekkidness since we started using silica gel, and also as part of our plan to go green with the slackers.

Last night, the newly conscripted Breeder Celect reported for duty and has been duly bunked. How have the slackers reacted to the new arrivals?

As expected, Philly was first to the scene

Philly: Where’s everybody?

The truth is, no one else gets this excited… it’s not like kitty supplies were delivered for the first time.

Joey had the to-die-for front row seat but it would take more than the arrival of cat litter to unrepose her.

Rheilly, as ever, takes cover and remote spies

Teddy will take a message, just talk to the tail

As for the cat himself, Bam Bam’s just wondering…

… Will it really stop the itching that defurrested his scrawny tumtum over the past 4 months…

… and made his tail some new friends among toilet-cleaning brushes?

The minions hope so, … Bams still waiting on that urine test, and Teds’ not out of the woods, but meowrrr, one issue at a time! Allergies take all forms, and this one has had us scratching our heads for months now! *minion fingers crossed*

Next up, our experience collecting heavenly essense of cat, courtesy of Bam Bam and Teddy.


5 responses to “Our new cat litter haz arrived

  1. where to buy ah?

  2. Wah… u disappear from chat leh, where you been huh?

    Any place got pet supplies should can get.

    Bought ours from Loving Pets (168 Upp East Coast Rd). Tel: 63461286. List price is 30something (don’t have the receipt with me now). Should be 1 pack can use for a fortnight for 1-2 cats, at replacement rate of every 2 days woh.

  3. i no disappear.. must be u block me :@

  4. I bought 35L x 3 for $75 inclusive GST and delivery from Yahoo Auction by May Wong – a shop in AMK
    Found this “new” auction http://sg.auctions.yahoo.com/sg/i::212322297

    Haven’t used yet.

  5. Just realised that auction items closed. Just email to her. Heard from Xinyi that the item is still sold at same auction price at the shop.