ST 20070824: Penalty for animal abusers should be stiffer

Here’s a forum letter response to the mutilated cat case reported on Tuesday.

Aug 24, 2007

Penalty for animal abusers should be stiffer

THE report about the cat which was found with its head and legs severed, ‘Cat found with legs, head severed’ (ST, Aug 22), left me depressed and angry.Such a cruel act to a totally defenceless animal could only have been done by someone with utmost violent and sadistic tendencies. People like that must be stopped.

Studies have shown that people with violent tendencies towards animals often extend their cruelty to humans too, especially the weak and the defenceless.

I am writing this letter in the hope that the Government will increase the penalty for animal abusers. I am sure many will agree with me that even should this cat abuser be caught, a one-month jail term pales starkly in comparison to what this cat had suffered.

After one month, this same abuser can commit such acts again, perhaps this time to children or the elderly.

In many developed countries, animal abusers face much stiffer penalties than those found here.

If we are lobbying for stiffer penalties for maid abusers, I do not see why the same cannot be applied to animal abusers. After all, they are all acts of cruelty towards the disadvantaged which should not be let off or taken lightly.

Elizabeth Ng Boon Kwan (Mrs)


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