ShinMin 20070823: Cat thrown from flat, dies on spot (流浪猫高楼抛下。横尸组屋底层)

From Dawn’s blog, another cruelty case against homeless cats, quite apart from the multilation case. Such a pity, a total waste of life. The victim looks to be a very handsome mature cat, and was a well-loved community cat who’s lived in the estate for many years. (Click on the article to enlarge):

Friday, August 24, 2007

Shin Min (23-8-07)

Shin Min (23-8-07)
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Thanks to Vegancatsg for sending this in – it’s about yet another abuse case at Hougang Avenue 8. Apparently someone has been killing cats in the area – the latest cat was thrown from the block of flats. The caregiver interviewed said that the cat has been there for many years and that people would often go down and play with the cat. He believes that the abuser made use of the cat’s friendly nature in order to throw it from the block of flats.


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My translation:

Hougang Avenue 8

Community Cat Thrown From High Floor
Died Horribly At Foot of HDB Block

Chen Kai Song

24 hour news hotline: 1800-8227288, 91918727

Another cat-killing case! A cat was thrown from a high floor, and died a tragic death at the foot of a HDB block!

The crime took place at Blk 635, Hougang Avenue 8. A cat which had lived at in the neighbourhood for many years, and was well-loved by residents, was found dead at the foot of the block at dawn yesterday.

The cat was still, its pupils dilated, blood flowed from every orifice, bodily waste oozed from its rear end. It is believed that the cat died from the violent impact of being thrown from the high floor onto hard cement.

Cat-lover Mr Liang (50 years old, newspaper despatch), rushed to the scene after he received a call from a friend at about 6.15 in the morning. But it was too late for the cat, and Mr Liang grieved for the lost life.

He made a police report and called this paper’s hotline. He wanted the crime made public, and to seek justice for the brutally killed cat.

Mr Liang says: “This is a mature cat, very obedient and friendly and not afraid of strangers. When it appears at the foot of the HDB blocks, residents like to interact and play with it. I believe the killer must have exploited its friendly nature to be able to hurl it off a high floor with ease.”

The sight of the poor community cat’s carcass sparked outrage and anger among residents. Many were on the way to work, school or the market, and were shocked at the cold-blooded crime. Some were so agitated they cursed the killer.

A female resident, more than sixty years old, was saddened by the community cat’s death. She said: “This was a life that’s been lost, no matter what. It’s very hard to imagine anyone can be so cold-blooded, to throw a cat from a high floor.”

Residents suspect cat serial-killer on the loose in HDB estate

Community cats have been disappearing from the area, so residents suspect a cat serial-killer is on the prowl!

Mr Liang is a cat-lover. Together with a group of like-minded residents he cares for the community cats in the neighbourhood, and pays out of his own pocket to sterilise them. So he is very familiar with the community cats of Hougang Avenue 8.

“In the last 3, 4 months, something has happened to 10 cats from the neighbourhoods of blocks 633 to 665. They were either thrown from high floors or disappeared without a trace for no reason. I believe there were more cats who have been abused or killed as the cleaners probably cleared away some carcasses before we find them.”

Residents were outraged by the act of cat-killing and many voiced their anger and disapproval of such crimes. Unanimously, they indicated they will be more vigilant and take note of the activity in the void decks. They hope to be able to catch the cat killer.

Photos (clockwise, from top left)

  • Police rush to the scene after receiving a report of the dead cat
  • The community cat died on the spot after being tossed out of a high floor
  • Gazing at the dead cat, 3 cat-lovers grieved.

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