Do not adopt a cat unless you are able to cope

Today, Dawn wrote about the problems 5 home kitties are going to face because their adopter can’t cope.

… the woman had mentioned she had some personal issues since December last year which were going to necessitate great changes in her lifestyle. In that case, please, PLEASE, if you anticipate that you are going to have life changes and upheaval, do NOT adopt a cat. Do NOT take a cat until you know that you are at a stage of your life whereby you are ready for the commitment and the responsibility – not when you are anticipating moving and not knowing exactly where you are going yet. It’s not fair to the cat.

(For full details, read this)

It really does make a difference, your state of readiness for the responsibility of adopting an animal, be it cat, dog, mouse, fish or worm. Please, do a reality check and ask yourself honestly if you’re ready to commit to mothering a life. The fact that it is a non-human should not lighten your sense of responsibility. It is still a life, to have and to hold to the end of days for that life.


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