We can haz girth

These photos are not demonstrations of how to fatten your cat. Because roly poly isn’t cute, unless you’re a whale stocking up for summer. Scrawny isn’t always a good sign of health either, so never crash diet the moggie either! The key thing is balance.

Instead, these are to show that like people, cats do have weight problems too, especially home cats. But it isn’t the end of the world… sometimes fat is better than flat.

Philly (left) and Rheilly (right) girths

Philly weighs 7.6 kgs or so. Despite being much smaller than Philly, Rheilly is only 1.5 2.5 kilos less than Philly.

We did ask the vets (who think their lumpiness is still on the correct side of acceptable) and we do watch their diets (more so than we watch ours). But even though both are overweight and refuse to shed anything more than a few grammes, they are still agile and so while we’re mindful of not letting them expand too much, we’re not too worried.

Especially for Rheilly, who’s FiV and FeLV positive. The vet sees her appetite and her rotundness as a good sign! Given the way Milly, Rheilly’s late sister who was also FiV positive, wasted away almost overnight, we’re happy that food remains a top priority for this short round one.


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