Update: Town Councils’ ZERO Stray policy based on shaky logic

Dawn wrote on Friday, in regards to the Town Councils’ brilliant spark – ZERO Stray policy, about an interesting if seldom obvious aspect of the curious relationship between Town Councils and HDB… namely how far backwards can the TC bend for the HDB, and whether they are doing their duty or reading too much into it? As a local saying goes: Jiat Ba Ka Eng! (Eat full too free)

Friday, August 24, 2007

TCs and HDB

I’ve been doing some reading on what the duties of the TC are and also looking up the HDB bylaws to see if they extend to animals in the common areas. In general, the TCs look after the common property under Section 18 of the Town Councils Act, with common property being defined under Section 2, and which you can find at Singapore Statutes Online.

As you can see, common property does not include areas within the flats. There are certain limited times when the TC can go onto your property and this is specifically stated – it mostly has to do with pipes, wires and cable (and hence I was wrong about the pipes earlier) but these are very specifically stated examples. In all other cases, the TC must get the permission of the owner, and in even these specific examples, they must give advance notice unless it is an emergency.

On the other hand, the Housing and Development (Animals) Rules refer specifically to cats within the premises. They do not refer to animals in other circumstances.

So why are the TCs saying that the HDB rules do not allow cats in the estates?

posted by Dawn @ 6:07 PM

Today, she wrote on HDB’s response to her query about it:

Monday, August 27, 2007

HDB clarifies

We wrote into the HDB this morning to enquire about their stance on community cats in HDB estates. As some of you know, there has been much made of the fact that cats are not allowed in town councils because the HDB rules do not allow cats IN flats. As a result, the town council chairperson, Dr Teo Ho Pin, felt it should be extended to town councils and the common areas as they were administering HDB estates for the HDB.

The HDB wrote back very quickly and their reply states that their rule only applies to cats in flats and is not applicable to cats in town council estates. I am sure that this will be a very useful clarification for officers and MPs who may have misunderstood what the HDB rule referred to.

posted by Dawn @ 2:21 PM

Let’s hope that HDB refugees remain confined to the kitties living in HDB flats. While it is obvious that HDB won’t revoke the stupid rule, we cant hope that’s the end of the TC’s ZERO stray policy, though I’m doubtful. I can’t imagine if the pandemic was to really spill over beyond the standard issue HDB fire-proof main doors!


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