Update: Tampines anti-cat poster taken off

Update on Tampines: non-consultative, anti-life Town Council does it again!

From Dawn’s blog:

Monday, August 27, 2007

Poster taken down

One of the town council officers called me this morning about this poster. At the officer’s request, I will not blog about most of the conversation as he requested it stay off the record and not be blogged about.

However what I can say is that the officer went down this morning after I clarified with the caregiver where the poster had been put up. The caregiver had also told her own officer about it and asked why it was up. It seems the poster is an old poster from 2005 and was in fact according to the officer I spoke with, an outdated colour poster which was not supposed to be up at all. The poster was immediately taken down by the officer I spoke with and he said that this was a new officer who did not know that the poster should not have gone up on the TC noticeboard in the first place. It was a mistake and not sanctioned by the TC.

I also understand from several sources, including the SPCA who were at the lunch on Saturday, that they had been sent several copies of the poster and that they had written in as well. We were also copied on several emails sent into the TC about the matter.

posted by Dawn @ 12:03 PM

Dawn also said in the comments for the post that it was done by a new officer who was asked to do so by her area’s RC… still disturbing to me:

Dawn said…
I agree I was glad that the officer took it seriously and took down the poster immediately Mezzo. I do believe that mistakes can be made and are made and that people shouldn’t necessarily be crucified for them as long as they are sorry. The officer who called just to clarify, was not the officer who put up the poster.I understand from the officer I spoke with that this was not sanctioned by the upper management and that the officer had done it on her own initiative.

27/8/07 2:19 PM

Dawn said…

huh from what I understand, she was requested to do so by the RC and she didn’t clear it with her superiors.

27/8/07 4:36 PM

Incidentally, the photo Dawn had on her original blog entry where she put up the photo of the offending poster was also edited with these remarks. The photo itself has also been edited:

Update – the photo above has been edited as the town council officer asked if I could take the name of the town council down from this blog entry. While it is a public poster in a public place (and hence I did in fact put the whole poster up), I have taken down the poster as a result.

While the outcome is positive, please do consider writing to the Tampines Town Council if you haven’t done so. Details in Tampines: non-consultative, anti-life Town Council does it again!


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