Chrissy on Sunday, 25 Aug

Chrissy, big improvement over the state she was in when found on X’mas last year.

It’s been almost 4 months since I blogged about the plans for her mojo-robbery. But she still has it… because she got sick and had been sick… when she gets well enough and plans are made for her mojo-robbery, she falls sick again.

Curious Chrissy Cat

She’s lost a bit of weight again, down from her hey-day.

Recently, she visited the vet in a span of 5 days because of fever: once on Thursday 16 August and then on Tuesday 21 August. It was during the second visit that she was diagnosed with bronchitis, a respiratory system illness. The two vet visits set us back $316 and $352 respectively. It’s pulling us down, especially since I’ve not found a job yet.

Chrissy and btmao’s hands.

She’s still very shy and withdrawn. But she will allow contact sometimes. Not surprisingly, she obliges btmao best.

Can you help with Chrissy’s expenses?


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