Food “overdue”… can the cats eat?

An acquaintance called me last night. She’s a nice person who does a lot for cats too and I have nothing against her. But I just want to put up the convo as is to drive home the point that we shouldn’t let our judgment or commonsense slip.

Here’s the whole kibble quiplet:

Her: Want to ask you for advice. My catfood overdue 2 months. Can still feed the cats?

Me: HUH?! *deep breath* Look, if it’s human food, “overdue” for 2 months, would you eat?

Her: (obviously not understanding my point) No lah. Just want to ask if cat food overdue 2 months the cats can still eat or not?

Me: Yah, so I’m asking you – if you got some human food “overdue” for 2 months, would you eat? No, right? So same lah. How can give the cats “overdue” food?

Her: …. Oh. I thought still can give.

Me: No lah. How can? … Did you buy expired food? Better get it changed.

Her: OK…. Yeah.

Same rules as people food apply to non-people food. The expiry date is there for a reason. Take note of it.


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