Spanish horror: bulls killed for tradition, dogs rewarded with torture and death

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From Dawn’s blog, a letter regarding the mutilated cat case, in praise of SPCA, but I was rather more piqued by the writer’s mention of cruelty in Spain.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

ST (27-8-07)

I realised I forgot to post this yesterday :-

Good of SPCA to offer reward

It certainly is – and I hope the perpetrator will be caught soon. During the lunch on Saturday, the SPCA people who were there mentioned that the reward had gone up to $6000 and I found this official statement on their website (along with a photo of the poor cat).

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Here’s the full letter (emphasis mine):

ST Forum

Aug 27, 2007

Good of SPCA to offer reward to catch those who maim and torture defenceless animals

I WOULD like to commend Ms Deirdre Moss of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) for offering a reward of $1,000 to catch the individual who brutally mutilated and killed a cat at West Coast.

I recall an incident in Spain some years ago, where an animal shelter was attacked in the night and the front legs of a dozen or so dogs were hacked off. They were found crawling around the next morning, some still wagging their tails. I’m not sure if the perpetrators were ever caught, but apparently animal abuse in Spain is punishable only by a small fine.

Whoever is found guilty of acts like this should be punished harshly, for such a person is truly evil. I am glad animal abuse is now punishable by a prison term in Singapore. The courts should impose this punishment regularly, as there is no excuse for this kind of sadistic behaviour in a civilised society.

I am proud to live in Singapore, where animal abuse is taken seriously and rewards are offered to catch those who maim and torture defenceless animals.

Well done SPCA for taking a stand.

Mika Sampovaara

(EDIT: I believe this is the case Mr Sampovaara was referring to – 15 Dogs Horribly Mutilated in Spain)

Looked at in this way, Singapore seems to have the upper hand – more advanced than a “first-world” country. But to be fair, Spain does has its share of overt cruelty.

We all know about bullfighting, but there is also the annual galgos massacre. Galgos are spanish hounds, and resemble greyhounds. They are tortured in every imaginable way while they live and killed with horrendous methods after they are deemed to be no longer useful for racing or hunting.

There is an account somewhere of the rationale in galgo hanging (I can’t find it now). Usually a large tree is picked. The “good” ones are hung high where they die quickly, a reward for being useful in their short miserable lives. The “bad” ones are hung low, near the ground at a height where they just almost stand in their nooses. So they instinctively struggle to stand and catch a painful breath, hoping for relief. These “bad” dogs die very slowly in this way, and it is their punishment for not meeting the expectations of their owners.

I remember being depressed for days after reading it, the picture of the tree full of dead dogs at the edge of my vision.

Is there honour in torturing animals? Humanity’s inhumanity knows no bounds.

Galgos references:

Bullfighting references:

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One response to “Spanish horror: bulls killed for tradition, dogs rewarded with torture and death

  1. Traditions are an lame excuse for torturing animals. I hope this situation changes soon, as more and more Sapnish people are criticizing those “traditions”. Galgos are great animals and make great companions. Thus, they do not deserve such cruelty (and neither the hares that die in such way).