Weekend brief

Okay, so my bout of hysteria is subsiding. Doesn’t mean I’m not mental over the bloggle box problems.

So quickly, before the machine convulses again… this weekend past

  • we did 2 clannie areas pictorial updates: Areas 1 and 3 and got some great shots of Henna, Marty, Martin, Mary and Marcus (Macy remains MIA). We also finally met the boy who most likely gave Ivan his limp, but Ivan himself was not around. Cara was though, and we were happy to see her healthy – it’s so rare now, the chances of seeing her. We did not meet any of the area 2 cats.
  • cattery picture snaps… and got a whole bushel of kittens for adoption to put up on Foster Mum’s behalf
  • prior to that, calsifer mastered the supermacro function and guinea-pigged the slackers for photo-snap practise

BTW, if you haven’t done so, please tell us who you are. And if you can spare a few bucks, please consider helping these tec kitties. Thank you!

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