Homeless cats, wherever they are, their plights are the same

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My Life As A Stray In Hong Kong

(Source: Dawn’s blog)

Poor Tommy. I left a message on the vid page, but darn youtube won’t allow more than 500 chars per message so here’s the whole hog:

Thank you so much for this, it really captures the plight of Tommy (we have one cat named Timmy who turned out to be a girl too!), the concern of caregivers like Mary and the stark reality of the situation. I and my sister are doing the same in Singapore and the messages and themes in your vid really resonates. People really should open their eyes and minds: adopt, not buy or breed; love and care for your companion animals not abandon them when they are sick or you get tired of them.

In Singapore, we have much the same problem… except for stray cat (we prefer the term community cats) cargivers like us, the society that really helps us with TNRM info is the catwelfare society (www.catwelfare.org).

I would like share some info about FiV aka feline AIDS with you and the viewers of this vid.

Firstly, FiV is very much like human AIDS: the virus is transmittable mainly though sexual intercourse or deep serious bite wounds. Therefore neutered cats are very less likely to transmit the virus. Also, like human aids, being a carrier of the virus does not mean that AIDS will develop.

FiV positive cats are perfectly adoptable… at home, out of the current 5 cats we have, all picked up from the streets, 1, Rheilly, is FiV AND FELV (feline leukemia) positive. We have vaccinated the other four. Milly, Rheilly’s sister, was FiV positive and passed away at the young age of 3.5 yrs in Oct 05 from cancer in her stomach.

FeLV is the worse of the two. It can be transmitted through normal activities like mutual grooming, sharing of food and water.

Symptomatically, FeLV and FiV are very similar.

Also, with regards to kidney failure, there are 2 types: Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) or Acute Renal Failure (ARF).

I’ve gathered some resources on FiV, FeLV and Kidney Failure on our blog. Links provided for easy reference, or google FiV, FeLV, CRF, Renal Failure + cats

Renal Failure: https://tippedearclan.wordpress.com/tlc/acutechronic-renal-failure-crf-aka-kidney-problems/
FiV: https://tippedearclan.wordpress.com/tlc/feline-immunodeficiency-virus-fiv/
FeLV: https://tippedearclan.wordpress.com/tlc/feline-leukemia-felv/

Sorry for the long post, and thanks for your patience.

Once again, thanks for the video, and our best to Mary, Peter, Tommy and her friends. =)

(If you find this post informative, you might like to check out these.)

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