Update: Town Councils’ ZERO Stray policy – waiting on Dr Teo

Following Town Councils’ ZERO Stray policy – Dr Teo Ho Pin’s reply, Dawn wrote back to Dr Teo for clarifications, and surprise surprise, is still waiting for a response from him.

Monday, September 03, 2007

No reply yet

Dr Teo wrote back last Wednesday to say that HDB and Town Councils are separate bodies and that TCs can set their own bylaws. We wrote back on Thursday …
To date we have not received a reply.

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posted by Dawn @ 3:22 PM

No updates since then, which means Dr Teo has yet to respond. The delay is such a stark contrast to the quick response of his prior reply (check the “Last Wednesday” blog post)… are we seeing some scrambling for purchase among the policy shelves?

It is faint but there’s a glimmer, I hope reason and sanity prevails.

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