Saturday sneak

Just got home from a rare trip to town.

We volunteered at the ACRES roadshow mentioned. It was the first time we’ve come into contact with their bear-bile display.

Though we are very aware of the cruelty people inflict on bears, especially bile-extraction, the message of the display was accentuated by the recorded sounds of agony of a bear enduring the painful process of bile extraction. The sounds made my tear ducts swell and still echo in my head. I wanted to call it quits but then, what is my discomfort at the poignant audio track compared to the real ordeal the bear experienced?

We persevered. The volunteers’ main job was to canvass for donation with tin cans. Yes, Flag Day. While I’ve expressed my feelings about Flag Days in general, this was one I supported wholly. And it was quite an interesting experience – being on the asking side confirmed many things we’ve observed about people and also broke a few other stereotypes. Perhaps it’s a Singapore thing, but all in all, I’ll stick with my view of my fellow homo sapiens: humans are hopeless, and yet there are decent people. More later.

We also went to watch An Arctic Tale, taking the opportunity of a rare non-clannies weekend to soak in the consumerism that is Orchard Road. Being documentary junkie-geeks, some of the footage were familiar. But the way the story meshes is the key and the ending message is what made the difference. I hope the kids who were there, and especially their parents went away with the intended message. The fervent hope is that the Nemo aftermath, where coral reefs and their denizens paid the price when kids pestered their irresponsibly doting parents for little Nemos of their own, won’t be repeated.

Coming home, we were struck and amused by the ad plastered on the MRT windows – The Remaking Our Heartland exhibition by the HDB. Of course, it extolls the virtues of yet-to-be plans and exhorts the masses to participate and send in comments. Do consider sending in your thoughts about the still-inexplicable-after-more-than-20-years HDB ban on pet cats. For added reference, this (pdf) is the speech by the Minister for National development at the exhibition launch.

And what’s a day without some clannie news? We walked home, and swung by Area 2. Not a cat in sight, until we were at the border between it and Area 1, minion base, when we caught sight of the silver tabby virile male that btmao first sighted in April. He was friendly, but a little wary and while the problem is that we do not a handle on his schedule, he is another target for mojo-robbery, along with the boy who most likely gave Ivan his limp. Tomorrow, we’ll try to add him to the mugshot gallery.

EDIT: During our sojourn into town, we didn’t forget to whom we owe our first allegiance – we got something fun for the slackers, and for the cattery kitties too. Update to come.

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