Area1: New cat!

btmao spotted a new agouti tabby, ears untipped, in Ivan‘s lair earlier this morning. With the presence of the other boy and btmao’s suspicion that the bobtailed newcomer is an adult female, the potential for the minion-regrettable outcome of any kitty hanky panky is exponential. The need to rob the two newbies has gained urgency.

The problem is both are as shy as Ivan once was about sharing itineraries. I went round a bit later with food but caught no glimpse of either. I did manage to serve Ivan a late brunch and got to give him tentative head scritches – a first for us both.

Minionly work is always pretty cut-out, and conning wary virile felines routine. But, with the stable state of area 1, the possibility that we happen to need to con 1 virile male and 1 virile female at the same time before they start getting spawn-happy is like having lightning strike the unlikeliest place ad nauseam.

These coincidences just start to feel like some bad cosmic comedy when they pile up with abandon. Now if only some of that cosmic energy can be channelled to lottery striking…


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