No sleep for me – hard lesson learned

Well, we’ve finally got a working pc set up, no more nail-biting moments when the pc on, frenetically trying to finish up whatever needs doing before it choked.

Since the old pc’s dying almost coincided with Comex, we decided to get an ext hard disk drive (EHDD) for backup then, and be free of being held ransom to the whims of the one pc (it was quite a bargain as these things go). I was also especially happy with getting the EHDD in time for the preservation of the pics taken on 1 and 2 Sep, pics of clannies, cattery cats and slackers I was especially happy with.

But the old pc has had its last swipe of vengence – for some strange reason, everything got saved except for the photos of 1 and 2 Sep! How I regret not burning them on CDs as insurance too. I was dead tired but it would have made such a difference if there was backups of the backups.

Now I’m feeling devastated and insomniac. I just can’t understand how it happened. I guess I was also too complacent and confident of the process. I did not check the EHDD contents when the transfers were completed late that fateful night of 2 Sep. I might have been able to undo whatever it was that erased the photos from existence in the folders i expected to see them on in the old pc. We use Adobe Photo Album to catalog the phots, and the strange thing is, though all the photos have disappeared, their thumbnails are there in the Photo Album – proving nothing else but that I did catalog them for real and not just in my head. (I know for sure because I hooked up the hard disk drive from the old pc to the new one with vain hopes of finding the photos intact there…)

I feel extra bad for the bunches of kittens Fsoter Mum’s got up for adoption, 10 days have already passed while we struggle with the temperamental pc, but now that everything’s fine on the machine end, we can’t get their adoption notices out because their pictures are missing! And they grow so fast so every captured moment is precious.

For the slackers and even the older cattery cats and the clannies I can try to retake the pictures again, but there are also certain pictures that aren’t replicable. I understand there are ways to look for files that us mortals can’t find through the usual routes and tools at our disposal but that’s an extremely expensive service that we can’t afford.

Painful lesson: always backup and check and double-check the transfer outcome!

Now excuse me while I go beat myself up again.


5 responses to “No sleep for me – hard lesson learned

  1. My PC also dead lah. Too long did not switch on and now all i see is blue screen.

  2. what is happening to all of us? my laptop went down last week and i just revived it recently. Now occasionally I get the bluescreen of death and I suspect its the harddisk.

  3. Mary,
    I’ve had Pcs die on me and I’ve always managed to get back the things I feel are important. The thing that gets to me about this time is the loss of those photos… everything else has been saved or salvaged – so it’s just those photos. Now i only have the thumbnails on the original hard disk, but the even then the maddening thing is, I can’t extract them because the actual files are missing. I feel so lousy.

    Oh dear! I hope you managed to save ro backup your important data. It may not be your hdd… motherboard, ram (though not likely) or some card may be the culprit. It may also be too many applications – like what’s eating at btmao’s comp.

  4. Calsifer, don’t feel lousy lah. What’s done cannot be undone, so don’t waste precious time and energies feeling bad about something that cannot be undone. No choice lah – you did not plan for the sytem to die on you; so smile, have a cup of coffee and let those beautiful photos live in your memories. Be happy, you will feel better.

  5. I know… I jsut to mope about a bit more… work it out of the system