Short Bigeye Fish, I mean Cat

Out in the tropical oceans swims this critter

the Short BigEye Fish (picture source. To learn about this little carnivore, click here)

While in the tec base lounges

the Short Bigeye Cat

SHORT because Rheilly just grazes 12 inches with the intact right eartip upright when posting (We measured! As a reference, Teddy, who is just a bit larger than average, is already 15 inches without eartips)

BIG eye miaow

Both are carivores, live in tropical habitats and operate in environments where there are much larger predators. Parallel evolution in evidence?

(NOTE – We can’t even swim to save our lives, so we did not personally meet the fishie, but came across it in this colourful pictorial: Underwater Eden: 365 Days by Jeffrey L Rotman, borrowed from the library)


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