How to Take Great Pet Photographs

Stumbled on this article, “How to Take Great Pet Photographs“, at It just gives quickie basic tips and nothing specific about how to operate the camera to get that greatly coverted shot of kitty, but for anyone perplexed by the camera, it’ll do nicely for starters. It reminds me… I was suppose to be trying to put together something for btmao in case she has to take over camera duties… oops!

4 responses to “How to Take Great Pet Photographs

  1. Here are some of the things that I take note of when I shoot(sic) cats. hahaha…

    Normally I’d like to take their photos when they have had their meals. Less movement and more subdued.
    Also gotta get down to their level. Lie down on the floor if you have to.
    Make silly noises to get their eye contact.
    Focus on the eyes always.
    Use available light without flash if possible.
    If using external flash, bouce the flash and not directly on the cat.
    Try to fill up the space in the photo with the cat.

    Also be good to learn some basic photoshop editing like Curves and Unsharp Mask. Can’t wait for my laptop to be back in action. Too many cat photos to edit!

  2. Having to get down on the tum is the one disadvantage of DSLR vs something with a flexi LCD:P

    Eh, external flash ex lah, how to afford?

    Anyways… I think helps to spend a bit of time to observe the subject too, for obvious reasons.

    I also think it pays to get familiar with the camera handling, feel and function. i can’t tell you the number of shots i’ve missed because of bungling!

    Eh… the software you mentioned freeware or not?

  3. external flash got cheap cheap one… but have to use manual mode on the camera. wot camera you using?

    software got freeware… got… email me yer mailing address… a copy of the freeware will be delivered 😉

  4. Got cheep cheep external flash meh? I wan, I wan! Tired of kitty snake eyes and squints when flashing them 😛 where to get? U got lobang? … how cheap is cheap? Me still on dole here leh. U also use manual mode alot when you shoot? got tips to share? I take forever to get a aperture/shutter combo so i just tend to use aperture priority even if i feeling brave. Need a see-fu!

    Actually, we really started with a basic Nikon F60 in 2000, it was really nice for taking pics, but the cost of developing pics hor… pengz, always must be careful and make decision shoot or not shoot – can get psycho. Somemore because i klutzy, got a lot of phantom cats in our collection. So we saved up and 2 years ago bought a Canon S2 after asking around and around and waiting for the price to drop. Bestest is the lcd viewer quite flexi, though at first I coveted a Nikon coolpix lah, the 995, but by the time we ready to buy, not even in production liao!

    Anyway, the short answer is we using Canon S2 😛 but hor, somehow i still miss the feel of the SLR, though not as many pics taken, when the good ones come out, wah, nothing can compare man! As if I pro like that. But tell you lah, I dream of getting the Nikon D80… think liao also lao nua. But prolly when i ready to get, it’ll be discontinued also.

    OK! I email you now, kam siah! 😀