Chrissy and April are mojo-free!

Foster Mum called earlier this evening with the good news. Both Chrissy and April were just back from their day at the vet’s for their respective sterilisation operations and they were recovering well.

What a load off our minds! The op for these two girls have been particularly difficult to coordinate.

If you recall, Chrissy’s op was first planned in late April/May, and she promptly fell ill, delaying the procedure.

April’s been at the cattery since April 2 this year, and only just fattened up enough recently for Foster Mum’s comfort to consider anything more serious than medication, and she has required quite a bit of it, having fallen ill soon after arrival.

We haven’t said much about her for the same reasons that we’ve avoided speaking much about Chrissy’s health status. Both girls seemed prone to falling ill as soon as we mention they’re getting well enough for the big snip.

Given what we know about both girls, and because of Foster Mum’s concern about their constitution, we also agreed with her suggestion to go for the more expensive, but less risky, anesthetic option of inhalants rather than injections.

The actual damage to the bank will be clear when we visit this weekend and tote up the numbers. But at least now they’re sterilised! April will be put up for adoption soon!


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