We can haz munchyz

Cats are obligate carnivores, and yet the range of snacks they indulge in is not limited to the mundane selection prowling your walls and ceiling. Besides, any homes with cats will find it hard put to see any crawlies lounging around since they would have either wised up and moved, or made that incredible journey to the centre of the litterbin. The kitties slacking at home have their personal fetishes too.

Can you match these palette ticklers to the tec slacker? (Note: may be more than 1 slacker per munchie)

Kitty Munchie Menu Choicies The Slackers
Cai XinCornCob_20090919_01x
Corn – fresh, chilled and cobbed

Bread, plain


TeddyBam Bam
Bam Bam




Kitty foodie in your home, anyone? If you have a blog, make an entry and leave the link in a comment here too.

(NB: Do beware of harmful snacks, don’t give old Jolly Rogers a chance to laugh at kitty’s expense)


7 responses to “We can haz munchyz

  1. Very malu to say but my gang loves the fish cracker from NTUC. Not that it’s a healthy diet, and they just can’t do without their cheese. Not forgetting the Bak Kua but it’s too costly a treat.

  2. Bak kua! OMG!
    I had bak kua in a ‘Lock & Lock’ brand storage container during this year’s CNY, and my cat would come running whenever she heard the ‘thwak-thwak’ sound of the container opening!

    Marshmallows, too. Not just any brand. Only Campfire marshmallows.

  3. Now I feel embarassed. At least both of you have cats who behave like carnivores… well, there were those occasions that Bam Bam and Teddy managed to steal stuff that we forgot to store away: Raw ikan bilis, carton of eggs, bak hoo, nasi lemak liao (chicken wing, sausage daubed in chilli) Thieving lizards! Now we’re more careful.

    Sooooo, anybody want to try matching slacker to munchie? 😀

  4. Nasi Lemak – alamak; no wonder Rheilly has his size; not that i am complaining because he sure looks cute and so huggable but i am not jealous now because i have manja although he still lose out to your Rheilly loh.

  5. Eh, Rheilly is not the food thief, never was. Only Bam Bam and Teddy are guilty, mostly Bam Bam.

    Also, Rheilly is a girl, and believe it or not, despite her girth, she’s not really that huggable, as she’s very short for a cat and it’s difficult to hold her securely and comfortably (for her).

  6. Talking about theives, that reminds me… my Pepper is a sneak that way, too.
    I used to buy bread or buns for the next day’s breakfast.
    I would leave it near the door so I wouldn’t forget to bring it to work.
    Even if the buns didn’t contain any meat, Pepper would attack it, tear the plastic apart and devour (or just paw at) whatever was inside.

    I remember being extra upset when Pepper spoiled my chances of satisfying a fa1 kao2 (those yellow chinese steamed cupcakes with a red dot on top) craving. She ate 2 out of the 6 cupcakes, and ruined the rest.

    And Pepper, being the drain-cat that she is, used to love rummaging through the kitchen rubbish (eew), which she was clever enough to reach even though it was in a covered bin.
    To cure her of her bad habit, we switched to a tiny bin that hangs from the counter-top. So far, she hasn’t figured out how to get into that one yet. We keep it pretty clean, so I hope that helps.

  7. LoL… Xiuwen, we certainly empathise with you! That’s how we found out about slacker X’s fetish for bread – whole loaves would have puncture marks all over them. Took us a while to id the culprit though.

    Eversince the two pioneer slackers, Teds and Bams, we’ve switched to a small covered bin that we clear out daily. It was the only way to stop the (then) little street waifs from rummaging through the garbage. 😛