Mitey Unhappiness

i is mitey unhappy wif duck!

Poor Angel Miaow, budak’s owner. Seems like she got some unwelcome company because of his purrmiscuous hands.

When Kitty asks: “Mum, Dad, why am I itching?“, you don’t want the answer to be: “Because I gave some mites a free ride home and forgot to wash my hands.”

This is especially true if you’re a TNRM caregiver – you never know what the homeless kitties came into contact with. While we don’t shun contact with Marty, Ivan et al, btmao and I change out of our clothes and get a light wash whenever we get home after serving the clannies before we touch the slackers. A bit of a hassle, but cats like those two rub against us all over, and Marty always insist on nosekisses with btmao or at least to touch her face with his paws.


3 responses to “Mitey Unhappiness

  1. I was told fur mites is in the air, and cats when stressed get infected easily. My gang were all infected after Terry returns from his grooming at PG. i did not think much of it when i noticed much furs were on the floor or that the kitties were scratching more, but one week later, it was confirmed. Frontline spot on and Adam Flea+Tick shampoo did the trick although for the biggest and fattest cats, i used revolution.

  2. Main thing is, don’t forget, mites can easiliy transfer between hosts, especially if they manage to hitch rides (they’re particular about who they sponge off so people have nothing to worry about).

    For mites, theirs is a six-week life-cycle, so the recommended course, at the least the one we did, was to bath the slackers once a week for 6 weeks with parasite-egg killing shampoo formula. The weekly baths ensure the cycle is broken but be sure to get a parasite-egg killing formula as regular parasite shampoos are good only for killing adults.

  3. I shall take note when I go around playing with them cats while walking my dogs.