Long-Furred Duo

.. not related to the meowsons except for the plight they share as dumped pets. This is the abandoned mix-breed pair mentioned in Bye Bye, Birdie Cage, Bye Bye, Sickie Kitts. They had been brought in after the meowsons, and were found at the foot of a block of HDB flats.

Huge and gangly, the ginger tabby caught our eye because of his size. A scrawny giant with the oversized paws characteristic of large breeds but the face of a DSH.

His furcoat is in shameful condition. Poor nutrition and long-term neglect were the suspected causes. It doesn’t look that bad in this picture, but seeing him in person, the impact is very clear. Whatever remained of his coat suggested longhair.

He was obviously restless and distressed, unused to the cattery. He kept scrambling around the cattery and at one point tried to climb his way to the ceiling.

Though he was stepping on everycat’s nerves with his offensive/defensive scuttling, he was actually very accepting of human interaction.

His brother/companion was caged, as he was having diarrhea.

He looked to be in better shape than the ginger. Is he Ginger’s sire?

Theirs is a typical story, but at least they are not in danger of dying, unlike the Commonwealth kittens. These two ex-pets are safe from the uncertainty of street life, but the dumping season is young yet. How many pet cats are being dumped right now who have no hope of rescue? How many more will be discarded along with the unwanted furniture, the outdated decorations before this dumping season end?


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