Sitting with the mitey miaow (Part Deux)

So I arrived at the mitey one’s residence again, around 22 hours after my last visit.

First pic of the day.

Once again, Angel was at the door, and this time I do feel that she was disappointed it wasn’t her ducky daddy come home.

We went through the same routine. She would present her tumtum and turn about, while I try to snap photos. And then we adjourned to her activity room.

I played with her for a bit to help settle her not-quite-nerves. This time, I could feel her purring. Had she decided I was a worthy to twiddle her bits, or was she just starved for attention, or as btmao put it, she finally “know the meaning of loneliness” and was condescending to accept my company?

Anyway, as soon as she seems to be relaxed, I pilled her the same way I did yesterday. Easy as peas she really was to feed meds.

Monkeying around

She groomed for a bit after that and then went on a hike around the furniture and stuff in the room.

Curious cat

I continued to snap pictures and found myself wishing the slackers were as easy to shoot!

She got to her hidey hole and suddenly we were playing swipe and pounce.



Toys of the moment: A manual and a caribena

She really enjoyed the exertion


In between moments of calm and distraction, she would pose for me.


When she lost interest again, I went to do the minionly stuff: clearing her litterbin, changing her food and water, and feeding her gillsome housemates. She actually came to look for me when I was about done and meowed a bit. Either she missed my company or she thought it was her ducky daddy doing the chores.

There was only urine in her litterbin and her food dish was still more than half-full. I guess she’s missing her ducky daddy and didn’t have the appetite to eat. I’m sure she’ll have a full load for him to clear by Saturday if not tomorrow evening.

Angel led/followed me to the activity room again as soon as she was sure her ducky daddy still wasn’t home. And we went back to her fascination with the manual and the caribena

This time she added her ducky daddy’s clothes for variety.

She’s so photographable I experimented with the colour palette

Sepia Angel

Black and White Angel

Angel did look like she could use some company during times like this, when her ducky daddy is away. Even catsitters can only alleviate the monotony for a while. I wonder how amendable would the both of them be to getting another kitty…

I said goodbye to her as she monkeyed around near the window again. I also told her to expect her ducky daddy home tomorrow evening, and if he’s late, I’m just the messenger and to bite him where it counts.

My catsitting stint is done. Now the problem is returning the house keys.


4 responses to “Sitting with the mitey miaow (Part Deux)

  1. She’s like that – totally aloof when you’re paying attention to her, but when you turn away to do something else, she’ll turn all manja and look for you. We’ve been told Angel is not that receptive to another cat. Anyway with things the way they are, one is enough to handle.

  2. I see.

    Eh, don’t mind the second kitty thought – that was the adoption minion speaking ;P

  3. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Angel is such a pretty darling.

  4. Xiuwen,
    You’ll like this then: Angel’s personal gallery.