Cara: Pregnant sterilised cat?

After feeding Ivan, I went to look for Cara.

The first thing I managed was to capture a shot of her fleeing one of the neighbourhood cleaners.

She’s wary of children, especially the noisy specimens, and broom-and-span wielders. I cannot tell if this particular one did her any harm, so I all did was to show that somebody cares what happens to this cat.

After the cleaner left, I laid out breakfast for Cara.

As she ate, a mother with a toddler appeared. The toddler was excited and trotted up. I was braced for a quarrel should he spook Cara. But surprisingly, his mum called for him to slow down… and he did! Not only was it an amazing moment to witness a parent who has control over her child, more of such moments were to come. The mother proceeded to tell him to be careful and not scare or disturb the cat!

The child obediently walked quietly up and squatted down about a metre away to watch Cara eat. Again he amazed me as he did not shout, scream, stamp his feet or do any of those stupid things. When he lost interest, he simply moved to the stone benches nearby and waited quietly for his mum to finish talking with me.

While he was watching Cara, his mother continued to tell him to take care and not spook the cat. Then she told him it’s a mother cat carrying babies and so he must be extra careful not to scare her.

I nearly laughed and explained sterilisation and the tipped ear.

She asked why Cara looked so pregnant then. I explained that she’s probably fed by a few people and so does not lack for food.

After a while the mother went on her way with her unbelievably obedient son. I felt a fuzziness – there are decent parents with unmonster spawns after all.


2 responses to “Cara: Pregnant sterilised cat?

  1. Ha, ha, a mother cat carrying babies – so sweet and thoughtful of this mummy.

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