NewPaper 20071002: Loud birdsong is disturbing my sleep

Thanks to Budak for telling us about this letter. I find it amusing that this guy is looking for empathy with his complaints.

But anyway, I do feel the burning question is, will the authorities actually take their own prescription and stop entertaining whiners and sundry? The real problem is, if authorities can’t or won’t differentiate between cats and cats, what hope is there that they will not discriminate against the poor bird, who’s a voteless loudmouth though no fault of his own?

The only non-negative thing about this letter is that nothing can be pinned on the community cats even if super-glue was used. But that’s nothing to cheer about, is it?

New Paper
Loud birdsong is disturbing my sleep
October 02, 2007

New Paper Online

I AM a resident of Pasir Ris.

Since early August, there has been a bird singing loudly in a tree near my flat on Street 52 between 5.45am to 6.30am every day.

I called Pasir Ris Town council in mid-August explaining that the bird is disturbing my sleep.

They promised to investigate.

For the next six weeks, I made about five calls to the town council, including asking to talk to the general manager.

But all I got was the response that they would investigate and someone would call me back.

For that six weeks, I was forced to wake up at 6am – even on Saturdays and Sundays, days that I do not work.

Six weeks later, the town council came back to me with this: that the bird making the sound is a bird called ‘koel’.

It also said that the bird is on the tree which happens to fall into the jurisdiction of either the Public Utilities Board or the National Environment Agency.

So it will get the relevant agency to give me a call.

What I don’t understand is why it took six weeks to come back to me on something that can be accomplished in two hours.

What is the use of telling me the type of bird?

Does the problem go away for me if the tree falls under the PUB or NEA jurisdiction?

I woke up at 6am over the weekend on Saturday and wrote this letter.

Each month, I receive a conservation fee statement from my town council for monthly payments, and I have been paying it every month.

Each year, I fill my tax forms, and understand that some of the tax money I pay is channelled towards the public service including the town councils.

I was told that if I do not fulfil such payments, I will be jailed or fined heavily.

But if I do pay, it seems there is no guarantee that the payment will be used to hire public servants who can solve problems or at least empathise with me.

Leong Hock Mun

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