Another victim of festive springcleaning – Songkok Kitten (discarded as an unwanted item)

This newborn kitten was dumped last Wednesday, 26 Sep, at a rubbish dump in Jurong West Ave 1.

The witness confronted the dumper, an encik, who said as Hari Raya was coming, he was clearing out his ‘unwanted’ items, including this tiny kitten. The kitten was an offspring of his own unsterilised female cat. (read full post here)

This little bundle of furry helplessness is now called the Songkok kitten because the box it was contained in had the words ‘Songkok Melayu Al-Barakah’. See more of its pictures here.

Why do irresponsible pet owners think it totally acceptable to dump pets when spring-cleaning?

Hari Raya is such a meaningful festival, it is one of the most important events in the religious context of the Muslim way of life, being a milestone marker for the end of Ramadan.

And yet, in the name of celebrating Hari Raya, people throw away unwanted pets like this little kitten and the birdie cage babies without care. It does not matter whether the dumped pet cats are mature and supposingly able to fend for themselves (like this pair), or simply older kittens (like the Meowsons), or totally defenceless newborns like this little one. Such acts make a mockery of the spirit of this sacred day.

People who dump pets as part of their process of getting ready for Hari Raya defile its sanctity.

I can only hope such people realise the crime they’re committing and do not dump pets, whether full-grown or newborns from their unsterilised pets again for the next Hari Raya.


4 responses to “Another victim of festive springcleaning – Songkok Kitten (discarded as an unwanted item)

  1. I thought being good to cats is part of the Muslim way of life? Didn’t the Prophet Mohammed cut off his sleeve so as not to disturb his cat Muezza, who was resting on it?

    A much better Muslim than the Songkok kitten’s previous owner saved my cats. I stopped to play with two community kittens in front of the parking lot he managed; he told me Allah would be very displeased if they were allowed to be crushed by cars. I agreed to get them sterilized and find them a home. I already had a cat and had no intention of adding two, but they were determined to stay, and now they have been with me for 3 years!

  2. Hi Isabel,
    It takes all sorts. It is a fact that here in Singapore, every Ramadan cat caregivers find more abandoned cats than at other times. The incidences miraculously plunge once Hari Raya hits.

    Festive periods and holidays have always been an auspicious time for pet dumpers, our own list of foundling cats are mute evidence. The one thing that can be said about pet dumping is it transcends racial and religious lines.

    BTW, your furries are extremely lucky they met you! 🙂

  3. May Mr. Songkok (owner of the abandoned tiny kitten name Songkok) get his retribution in Hell.
    Islam expressly lays down rights for animals entitling them to the right of love and mercy.
    It is Wajib (necessary) upon every individual owning animals to spend on them, providing food and everything else required for their good up keep.
    Cruelty to animals in Islam is treated with grave contempt and the harshest of penalties, the fire of hell is accorded any individual whoever dares to be cruel to animals. One of the sayings of Holy Prophet Muhammad is “Fear Allah in your ill treatment of animals.”
    Furthermore Prophet Muhammad stated that there is heavenly reward for every act of kindness done to a living animal. As a Muslim myself, I am disgusted with Mr. Songkok cruelty abandoning the very young kitten that needs its mother milk to survive.
    I often faced irresponsible fellow Muslims cat owners, refusing to sterilised their cats. They preferred abandoning their
    kittens or pregnant cats, or male cats that’s on heat. I can’t understand why they don’t adhere to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and kindness to animals in Islam when they claimed to be Muslims (followers of Prophet Muhammad).

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    Found in SingaporeCats True Stories site

  4. Well,, Aminah Bee, at least no one can accuse you of racial/religous prejudice. 🙂