ST 20071002 No way to treat a devoted family pet

Dogs have it just as bad as cats when it comes to being unwanted items to discarded. In this memorable period of September to October 2007, cats and kittens are being dumped in the name of Hari Raya, while dogs are being dumped to avoid licensing fees and tougher fines imposed by AVA, in effect sicne Sep 1.

In a lot of ways, dogs are subjected to ever looming potential for mistreatment, just due to their nature, and their need for training and attention and so on. But whether cats, dogs, fish, hamsters or rabbits, no pet animal deserves the cruelty of being dumped.

Oct 2, 2007

No way to treat a devoted family pet

I REFER to the article, ‘More dogs being abandoned or given up’ (ST, Sept 27).

I find it unconscionable, in this day and age, that someone can abandon a family pet, or any animal, simply because it has become a financial or physical burden to care for it.

My heart aches for the animals that are featured in the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Action for Singapore Dogs’ adoption galleries. Those animals once gave their undivided devotion to their adopted families, only to have that devotion repaid through abandonment.

My mind is inadvertently drawn to my Golden Retriever and the look of pure delight every time he sees me and my wife. All he desires is that we spend time playing fetch with him; that we take the time to give him tummy rubs; that we take the time to hold him and tell him that we love him.

We cannot imagine life without our beloved Jestie. His is an unconditional love; a love that is not motivated by greed, or by guile, or by a desire to obtain an advantage. He loves us simply because we are his family, his ‘pack’.

Children can learn a lot about love by watching how a dog acts with his family. A child can learn a lot about responsibility by taking care of a family pet.

If we can discard such undivided and unwavering love for the sake of convenience, just what kind of message and what kind of education are we providing for the next generation?

As the tagline on SPCA posters says, ‘To you he’s just a pet, but to him, you’re everything’. As a civilised society, we must strive to take care of our animals.

Gandhi once said: ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’

Going by that statement, there is much to be desired in terms of our moral progress.

We need to treat our animals better and, in the process, maybe, just maybe, we can learn how to treat each other better.

Jason Charles Ingham

Still on the topic of dogs, I stumbled on this interesting letter about the dog’s place in Islam.

To balance the viewpoint about the depth of ignorance or how wayward some are in practise whether knowingly or otherwise, Buddhists have had to be alerted to the animal cruelty going on in their midst. Remember, Buddhism is the only major religion that’s actively associated with vegetarianism, though the history of religious grass-eating is not all that smooth-chewing. Also, Christians’s increasing lack of concern for animals have precipirated such ministries as the Christian Animal Rights Effort, whose founding minister said: “I feel that it is a tragedy that Secular Groups are today leading the way in Animal Rights, when in the past, (the 1800s), it had been Christians. To me, it is only the next logical step from conversion. If we have really been converted to the love of God, then how can we not reach out to the very creatures He made?

Make of it what you will, but to me, it is proof that while religion may be the spiritual anchor that humans need to tether our conscience and meaning in life to, there is no escaping the fact that people are evil, Mr Constantine. People.


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  1. Dont make dogs, cats, kittens & puppies suffering
    They all are like children. Make them feel ppl’s love & make them feel comfortable by treating them like children. They all are created by our Heavenly Father. Dont be cruel to all dogs, cats, kittens & puppies. If u were in their paws, how would u feel, if u were mistreated in the same ways. U would not want to be mistreated the same ways when ppl mistreat dogs, cats, puppies & kittens