Returning cats – with interest

This is an interesting post by Dawn, showcasing the variety of “true intentions” that peppers the adoption-scape of Singapore. Incidentally, take some time to read the comments – dovetails with my point about the poor Songkok Kitten.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Returning cats – with interest

Nice letter in today’s Straits Times :-

No way to treat a devoted family pet

Sadly this is exactly how some DO treat their pets – by abandoning them, dumping them or just giving them away when they’re tired of them.

The adoption volunteer told me today that someone called up to say that they wanted to return a cat that was adopted right away. She claimed that her child was allergic (though the cat was adopted quite a while ago) and as much as she loved the cats, she had to give it away etc. Then it turned out she wanted to give not just this one cat back but two other cats she had adopted since then – and she wanted the adoption volunteer to take them all. The woman kept insisting it would be easy to find them new homes and she needed them out latest Friday or off they would go to the SPCA. Talk about returning cats with interest.

The adoption volunteer told the woman that with the year end festive season beginning (it’s festival after festival now from Hari Raya to Deepavali to Christmas to Chinese New Year) that more and more people would be dumping and few people will be wanting to adopt. It’s really a shame that festive season involves spring cleaning, involves throwing out the pet for some people.

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