Book: Know your Cat’s Purr Points

Know your Cat’s Purr Points by Margaret Woodhouse
(available for loan from nlb)

This delightful little book is a biblical must for any cat minion. It will impart the knowledge and skills ape hands need to reach kitty purr points just right. And this little tome does it in illustrious simplicity, with carefully annointed pictures of kitty anatomy and hand positional aids.

Technique is everything, and so is minion sensibility – not only do you need to know when to start, step up, slow down, you have to know where to adminster the purr pointing, and even when to stop and retreat too.

The Purr Register is a very helpful aid to knowing how well your minionstrations are being appreciated by kitty.

The slackers’ Our favourite purr points are (in no order of priority) “The Rumbler”, “Chin Lifter”, “The Flamenco Guitar”, “Double Doses”, “The Plunge”, “Dancing the Limbo”.

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