… we only realised over the weekend…

Mattie Meowson is a dainty, not a schwinger like her bro, mea culpa!

Dear Bast, thank you for gifting enough premonition to the minions.
Better late than never, and my name can be short for Matilda!


4 responses to “Psst…

  1. We no trust you anymore! 😛

  2. Eh, Mama Piggy,
    We cop this as exhibit A of our plea. 😛

  3. I plead IGNORANCE and am NOT GUILTY as charged! I mean, I was told that Muffin was a girl, and he did look very purrty … The only fault I would admit to was not lifting his skirts before bringing him home! But at least I found out about his real identity days later, and not after many, many years *ahem* 😛

  4. See, even the experts made mistakes… and fyi, we did not get close enough to part those fluffy bloomers while their owner was a homeless cat. The moment the vet did his pre-come-home-to-slackerdom and zapped us with the epiphany, we all woke up 😛

    (EDIT: YOU got mewl, Mama Piggy. NGIAK)