The Yeti is secured

Remember Joe Yeti, the honorary clannie?

On Saturday, we got to have close encounters of the third kind with him after a long long time. Before this, we’ve sighting him from afar only. btmao had also reported catching glimpses of him rummaging through the garbage collection centre for food.

We fed him and assessd his situation. His collar’s gone, and he was a bit thinner than we remembered. Given his recent history of scavenging the trash, we suspect he’s been dumped – likely his “owners” moved and left him behind.

Given his extremely sweet nature, we felt he could be rehomed and so made arrangements and waited for a vacancy at Foster Mum’s for him. Thankfully, some kitties got adopted over the weekend and so she was able to take him.

We went and searched for him yesterday morning, and found him surprisingly easily this time.

So since yesterday afternoon, he’s been at the cattery, jittery and nervous about the changes and the proximity of so many other cats. But he seemed to be taking it well, aside from the usual hissy fits. He should be getting his first vaccination jab today.

Anyone interested in adopting this lovable giant?

2 responses to “The Yeti is secured

  1. This baby is beautiful and hugh, boleh compete with Manja and Tashi leh!

  2. Since we are on this ‘hugh’ subject, can you share with me why some kitties seem to be much bigger in size than the rest. Is it because of the gene, their breed etc. Seems like a stupid question but Tashi was actually thought to be a puppy by my relatives.