Philly reminiscence

This photo, which I took on Sunday, somehow reminds me of what Mama Piggy said here. (Note the second picture especially)

Since Philly is older than the cameowra, we do not have pictures of his kittenhood, though this could pass for a simulation
The cutie mug on the screen behind Philly belongs to Twinkle (Landy resembles a kittenhood Philly too). Sometimes I do wish we have this goofball’s baby pics, just to compare and see how much he’s put into his tumtum if nothing else.

Philly was on his new favourite snoozespot – in front of compewter. Since he wasn’t see-thru by any margin, and it was difficult for me to see what I was doing at the pc when he’s trying to get kisses and scritches, I got his mum to clear him off.
(btmao is wearing an ACRES tee, btw.)


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