Cara, Ivan, and A Great Kid

This morning, I served breakfast to Ivan and Cara in btmao’s stead again.

I thought Ivan wasn’t in, but he popped up behind me. He made quick work of the food and preceeded to wash.

This is him at the tail-end of his stretch. Someday I will catch him in F-U-L-L stretch!

After him, I went to look for Cara who’s not been seen for a few days. I needn’t have worried, she saw me and came trotting up.

While she ate, an Indian toddler observed her. I smiled at her and told her “just see, don’t touch, ok?” She nodded and did not approach. The toddler was in uniform and her mum was nearby. What’s interesting was that this toddler was very calm and did not make loud noises or run at Cara. She kept telling her mum to come see the cat. This toddler was even more calm than the Chinese boy I encountered previously.

Cara had a peaceful meal with the toddler standing about 1.5 m away, smiling and turning to her mum with “Cat, come see” in turn. The toddler’s playgroup transport arrived after a while and she left with much reluctance. She even called out softly to Cara: “Bye bye, cat.”

I chatted with the mother, N, for a bit, telling her about Cara’s fear of loud noisy children and the fact that she’s sterilised. N said they just arrived from India 6 months ago. They had dogs at home in India, and her child grew up with them. But the paperwork to get the dogs into Singapore was too much to handle. So they left the dogs with relatives. Her child misses the dogs and is especially fond of both dogs and cats. I remarked that her child was amazingly well-behaved, and N said that’s because she learnt from young, and growing up with the dogs was part of her life. We exchanged phone numbers. N left after that.

Cara finished her meal and stopped to pose for a bit. She tended to stick out her tongue as she got lost in her thoughts.


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