Cuddlesome Meowsons

We’re still waiting for the Meowsons’ adoption blurb to get on the CWS adoption board. But already we’ve got their first enquiry.

It’s going to be tough enough to let these two adorable and absolutely affectionate purr bundles go when they find their home. We just saw them on Monday when delivering Joe Yeti, but already we miss them like mad. Add the fact that they remind us so much of our two old coots, Teddy and Bam Bam, in their kittenhood almost a decade ago that btmao and I have gotten rather nostalgic. Makes it that much more unbearable to think of letting them go….

Gunnar in the comfy cradle-lap called btmao

Mattie, purrty darling


4 responses to “Cuddlesome Meowsons

  1. “We promise we’ll be good. Give us a chance to go home with you,k, calsifer?” ….. so pleaded the Meowsons.

  2. We can’t and we shouldn’t, mcuh as we would LOVe to have these two. Even if we bring home more, priority should be given to the ones with less chances of adoption: Chrissy, Frankie, Cassie, Angel

    Plus, home situation not conducive for additions.

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