What is it with mums and baby-fat denial?

I get it all the time from btmao – that I’m very bad and terrible because her preciouses are too fat in the pics I choose to put online.

the Short Bigeye Cat, with oodles of loose lumpy furriness to boot.

What’s a bit of girth, eh?

Sprawl can be comfortable. As long as it doesn’t spill into clinical obesity.

Actually, I say to btmao all the time: serves her right for not taking the pics herself….

But even Mama Piggy is protesting the chubby Twinkle pictures that I recently forwarded.

Isn’t this cute? Pregged-out but cute, right?

Like the House of Pigs‘ resident Mr Hang-belly.

Mama Piggy tells me I should throw away the camera, Canon S2 no good. Soooo, anyone want to donate a new one? Cash substitute also acceptable.


3 responses to “What is it with mums and baby-fat denial?

  1. I have arrived at this conclusion: You make fatties out of Tabbies. And no name calling please, Kootoo Monster is aghast at your labelling him Mr Hang Belly!

  2. You make fatties out of Tabbies

    And it rhymes too!

    Ok lah, so I have an eye for rotund tums. So what? If it ain’t there, it wouldn’t have showed. 😛

    btw, Hang Belly is the name of a HIGHLY respected warrior in my favourite catpic, Tailchaser’s Song. Kootoo doesn’t appreciate the honour! 😦

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