Petition: Allow all breeds of Dogs and Cats in HDB flats

Celpaby left a comment on this post which provided some info on a new effort to get HDB to not only review its cat ban, but also its large dog-breeds ban. Here is the comment:

Comment by Celpaby on October 11, 2007 4:48 am

Please sign in the online petition It is to allow all breeds of Dogs and Cats in HDB flats. This was started by


Due to new rule set down by AVA regarding dog-controlling and impose of higher penalty, more dogs have been forced to be given up and abandoned.

Thus in this petition we hope to gather enough signatures to request for a revise in the rules to allow more breeds of dogs allow in HDB flats so long they are well controlled.

Do consider signing the petition. But MORE IMPORTANTLY, please consider writing directly to HDB about the ban. Why? Petitions are not new concepts to the movement. Online petition, by its nature, does create doubts about the authencity of its petition headcount, ie there’s always the suspicion that someomre may have signed it multiple times. Even the offline version, which CWS has done in 2003/2004 did not have much impact with HDB, even though it said that the cat ban is still in place because no one has written to tell HDB that they WANT cats to be allowed in flats! So go ahead, flood the HDB mailbox. References and address are in the following link.

Ref for cats: Government (ir)rationale for banning cats from 85% of homes

Ref for dogs: check out the url left by Celpaby.

Additional refs:

Please also consider encouraging your friends and family to take part. Also write letters to the press – English, chinese, Malay, Indian etc.


6 responses to “Petition: Allow all breeds of Dogs and Cats in HDB flats

  1. i have been receiving this petition from various parties but i worry about the request for allowing larger dogs into the flats because how sure can we be that if the ban is lifted, singaporean would adopt our local mogrel and not spent thousands in buying some big breed pedigree dogs.

  2. Mary,
    Then consider this: In the same vein, how can you be sure Singaporeans adopt local cats and not buy persians, Siamese and what have yous? So would you also not support lifting the cat ban?

    I believe the important point is to ensure legitimacy whether the cat/dog is bought or adopted, and to promote responsibility. Pedigrees suffer no less than mongrels when they’re abandoned.

  3. they should allow more variety of breeds. golden retriever is a good pets. sometime smaller dogs tends to bark more than bigger ones. Why can’t there be more flexible.

  4. Cindy,
    Write in and TELL THEM what you think!

  5. Dont keep cats outside all the time. Let cats come & stay inside. Cats are like children. Children make big mess on their faces, arms, legs, clothes, etc almost all the time. Dont make hard times for all cats & dogs. Make cats & dogs feel comfortable coming & staying inside & going outside when cats want to go outside & come inside.

  6. I love dogs and cats soo much i agree!!!!!!!!!!