Diurnal Starlight

This morning, I was again btmao’s proxy feeder to the area 1 cats.

While Ivan ate, I could not resist resuming attempts at starlight imitation. (I’m a bit of a lapsed astronomy geek.)

I wanted to say Eta Carina for this, but since I can’t find the photo I remember of the star itself, I’ll call this Sirius instead. Starlight burns fuel and Sirius is one of the brightest. Don’t think there’s any named for cats…

Pleiades. Lovely cluster of bright bright stars.

Supernova. No explanation needed I trust?

While I tried to catch the wind’s mood swings through the leaves, Ivan was busy lapping up brekkie.

Alas, no usual after-food zen as he was spooked by a bus (which usually doesn’t even bother him) and ran off. Luckily, he was almost done. I didn’t even get a photo.

Cara was nowhere to be found. I wonder what’s her preoccupation on these days? Shift work?


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