Gunnar and Mattie adopted!

We were a bit rushed with this morning’s meal service for Area 3 because of Gunnar and Mattie’s potential adopters’ visit.

While waiting for the family’s arrival, we took the time to get our meowson cuddle time in.
Gunnar dozing on btmao.

In between cuddles, the meowsons would go about their business.

Intimation of the sibbly kind:




When the family arrived, we introduced Nonie and Honey, and noted they would be the closest to the Singapura when the Mr expressed interest in the breed. We also showed them other kittens of course.

The son, all of 5 years old, was rather savvy with cat-interaction. His sister, a year younger, was a bit more hesitant.

We rather thought the family might go home with other kittens, but ultimately they decided the meowsons were it. So now the two monkeys are home somewhere in central Singapore. Their booster’s due in a week’s time and sterilisation, 2 months. They’ve also got a bit of the runs – Mei Mei said they were given canned food and the runs were a result of that. The family’s been informed of course, and we’ve suggested that tonight’s dinner be withheld, and to start with the kibbles the kittens’ used to getting in the cattery for a start tomorrow. But they’re in good hands we feel – the mum is an experienced cat parent. We miss them like we said, but we can’t take them all – we’re realistic and no hoarders!

The important thing, and the best we can do for them, is get them a great home. We feel they’ve got a very decent shot.

More on the meowsons’ roomies coming up here.

5 responses to “Gunnar and Mattie adopted!

  1. Wonderful news 🙂

  2. Thanks!

    Just got word from the mum that Gunnar, now Chihiro, is at the vet for his runs. He’s going to overnight there – parental concern due to the young kids and the one on the way. Hopefully it’s a simple matter of worms as the vet suspects, or overeating/stress as we suspect. She’s very nice about it – called to keep us informed and to get info for the vet’s diagnosis. I apologised that he’s giving her trouble so soon and she assured me it’s ok and they still hope for the best as everything else is perfect.

    Keeping our fingers crossed.

  3. So nice to hear that Meowsons got a new home and I hope they will live happy and well from now on 😀

  4. Hi Jason,
    Thanks! We’re still awaiting word on whether their PR status at the new home will be confirmed. We hope they will get it.