The Meowsons’ roomies

In between cuddling and taking pictures of the meowsons, we also played with their roomies.

This extremely sweet and affectionate calico…

couldn’t bear to be away from btmao (Edit: Her name is Perth, and her story’s coming up)

Ting Ting is another btmao-sticker

Elsewhere, Heidi and Goldie, were demonstrating the art of synchonised snoozing

This is demure Sugar, also up for adoption

Double? Projection? Behind Mattie is Sundae who’s 8 months and a fair bit bigger. Someday Mattie may get to or surpass her size. Right now, who knows? Privately, we hope she would get to be as big as Teddy (EDIT: though of course we know genetics favoured Teddy – he is a male and Mattie’s female; it’s a known fact that males are predisposed to being bigger than females, and can be up to 50% larger).

Diamond preferred having a pillow

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